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Our Outdoor Artificial Turf is Suitable for Any Playground or Sporting Activity

Posted by Demetro Carbone on September 6, 2016

Maintenance-free, economical, eco-friendly and visually appealing, Southwest Greens outdoor artificial turf provides safe and high-performance surfaces perfect for playground areas and for hosting sporting activities. In order to provide the most realistic and practical alternative to natural grass, Southwest Greens only uses the highest-grade sports turf and artificial grasses. Our advanced backing system allows our Read More

Putting Green Maintenance: Mowing Practices Determine Putting Quality

Posted by Demetro Carbone on August 18, 2016

Regardless of other practices, proper mowing is required for good putting greens. Proper mowing includes daily mowing, daily changing of mowing patterns, mowing at the correct height, precise adjustment of mowers, daily cleaning and sharpening of mowers, training of mower operators and visual inspection of results. Mowing is the single most important practice in greens Read More

Putting Green Maintenance: Pest Management – Insects, Diseases and Weeds

Posted by Demetro Carbone on August 12, 2016

The cultural practices discussed above are intended to develop fine putting greens as well as to reduce pest-related problems. Practices that promote healthy, dense turf also help prevent many pest problems. Proper mowing, fertilization and watering practices help resist invasions of weeds and reduce outbreaks of some diseases. However, even where recommended cultural practices are Read More