Metro New York Synthetic Pet Turf

Turf Grass
Are you tired of struggling to keep your lawn or backyard looking lush and green because of pet waste and digging?

Does your family suffer from grass allergies that are exacerbated when your pets play outside and come back into your home?
Are you exhausted from cleaning up mud and dirt tracked in by your pets?

Southwest Greens has developed exceptional pet turf products that address these and other issues that pet owners in Metro New York face on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. Our artificial grass is perfect for spaces of any size and is ideal for pets of all breeds! Invest in a product that looks and feels like natural turf, but is more durable and safe for pets and humans alike.

With natural grass, pet waste can create brown spots that are hard or even impossible to restore despite fertilizing and seeding. These areas usually need to be replaced in order to restore the look of your lawn. In contrast, Southwest Greens® of Metro New York’s synthetic pet turf will never turn brown or yellow, even with repeated pet use. Cleaning your yard, eliminating odors and combating bacteria is as easy as removing solid waste and hosing off your residential pet turf.

Artificial grass from Southwest Greens® is perfect for backyards, pet resorts, veterinary hospitals, and more. Dog breeders and pet shelters love our synthetic turf, as well. Benefits of our artificial pet grass include:

  • Minimal maintenance: You won’t need to water, mow or trim our synthetic pet turf. It’ll stay perfectly manicured all year long regardless of the weather or temperature changes.
  • Fewer pests: Southwest Greens® artificial grass deters fleas and ticks, keeping pets safe from insects that can cause Lyme disease and skin infections.
  • Healthier for the whole family: Eliminate many of the allergies caused by grass and plant pollens and exposure to the chemicals found in fertilizers and weed killers.
  • Less clean-up: Pets and kids invariably bring mud into your home after playing outside. Our pet turf is free of soil, letting your kids and pets play without worries of grass or dirt stains.
  • Eco-friendly: Our pet turf is 100 percent recyclable, making it one of the most eco-friendly landscaping options in Metro New York.

All of our pet turf installation projects in Metro New York come with a five-year limited warranty. Southwest Greens® will create a customized solution that brings your vision to life using our top-of-the-line artificial grass varieties and revolutionary design software. Contact Southwest Greens® Metro New York today for a free quote on your project today!

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