Our Outdoor Artificial Turf is Suitable for Any Playground or Sporting Activity

Posted by Demetro Carbone on September 6, 2016

Maintenance-free, economical, eco-friendly and visually appealing, Southwest Greens outdoor artificial turf provides safe and high-performance surfaces perfect for playground areas and for hosting sporting activities. In order to provide the most realistic and practical alternative to natural grass, Southwest Greens only uses the highest-grade sports turf and artificial grasses. Our advanced backing system allows our synthetic areas to conform to any desired slopes and contours, and ensures maximum drainage with little to no moisture build-up. Parents and school administrators are always on the lookout for a safe environment in which children can play. Our outdoor artificial turf products are specifically designed to provide a safe surface and are optimal for playground areas, athletic fields, outdoor courts and backyards. Southwest Greens artificial playground systems are the most realistic and practical alternative to natural grass, are kid friendly and are designed according to the IPEMA and ASTM Fall Height standards. Whether you are a school administrator in need of sport turf for your high school or college baseball field or batting cages, or a homeowner who loves bocce ball and needs an artificial grass court, Southwest Greens provides the best sport turf solution for your needs. Contact Southwest Greens if you want to know more about our Playground, Sports and Outdoor Courts synthetic turf solutions. Trust the best in synthetic grass and lawn installation. Trust Southwest Greens.