Synthetic Grass Turf

Posted by Demetro Carbone on June 5, 2013

While something can be said for thinking green, we can’t ignore the fact that some synthetic alternatives are simply superior to the natural products they replace. A good example is synthetic grass turf. Synthetic grass can be used in play areas, pool surrounds, dog runs, deck covers, patios, and many other areas. For maintenance, beauty, utility, and the environment, synthetic grass turf is, for many reasons, a better way to go.

Synthetic Lawn Turf: Beautiful and Hassle-Free
While some would surely balk at the idea of a “fake” grass lawn, the fact is: Synthetic grass turf is full of benefits that a natural lawn simply cannot match. Of course, the most obvious benefit of synthetic lawn turf is reduced maintenance. No more dragging the lawn mower out of the garage every week working yourself ragged after you’ve already spent a full week at the job. No more hiring a landscape company to treat your lawn twice a year to make sure the grass doesn’t die. No more summers moving the sprinkler around the lawn to save the dry, yellow grass. No more worrying about the dog or the kids tearing up the lawn or treading clumps of mud back into the house. Your lawn will look beautiful year round without you lifting a finger.

Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass
Many hold the belief that what is natural is always what is best for the environment. As the experts can tell you, however: Synthetic lawn turf is, in some ways, far better for the environment than real grass. Especially in areas where moderate watering is needed to keep a lawn healthy, water conservation would get an enormous boost if everyone switched to synthetic grass.

Additionally, synthetic lawn turf doesn’t require the use of fertilizers or pesticides. The water table would, in fact, be higher and cleaner if more people installed synthetic grass. Unlike concrete, which can cause runoff and erosion, synthetic grass is porous, which means water still gets absorbed into the ground beneath it. If you’re worried that synthetic grass doesn’t take carbon dioxide out of the air like natural grass, planting an extra tree or two on your lawn can make up the difference.

The Look of Synthetic Grass Turf
Those who think synthetic grass turf is simply unattractive have probably not seen the vast improvements made by manufacturers in the past few decades. The aesthetic downfalls of old synthetic lawn turf is easy to spot in TV shows like the Brady Bunch, but if you haven’t noticed synthetic grass since the 70s, it’s not because you haven’t seen it, but because it no longer looks synthetic. This is one material that has truly gotten better with time, and though you might have other reasons for wanting a real grass lawn, a quick look at today’s synthetic turf products will tell you that looks shouldn’t be one!