March 30, 2022

Your guide to picking the right artificial grass for your Metro New York business or home.


There are many reasons people choose artificial lawns. To begin with, keeping up large spaces of natural grass can be hard work and costs a lot. Even more so if you plan on your business, event space, or residence standing out. Keeping grass luscious and green involves time, money, and work to reseed, water, and fertilize. Not to mention, even after everything, severe weather events can mess up a perfectly manicured lawn. This is one example of why so many businesses and homeowners alike have switched to artificial grass as the answer to the exertion, high water bills, equipment cost, and the stress that comes with keeping up beautiful lawns. Though purchasing artificial grass for a landscaping project will require a more expensive initial cost, it can save you a lot in the long haul.

When you consider artificial turf, the first thought that comes to mind may be golf courses or personal putting greens. While artificial putting turf requires short, dense blades that keep a golf ball on its course, the monochromatic, flat putting turf does not contain all of the elements required to replace a traditional grass lawn.

Real grass is flowy, lush, and multi-toned, and putting turf is not a good choice when covering large spaces. Suppose you want to dress your lawn to impress. In that case, there are plenty of better options to look at that will give you a proper aesthetic replacement for regular grass.


A lower water bill and saving money by omitting fertilizers and pesticides make a good case for using synthetic grass, especially for large properties. Still, one of the most infuriating aspects of keeping up a natural grass lawn is damage caused by weather and heavy foot traffic.

“Keep off the grass” signs are so cliché and are not as worthwhile as we wish they were anyway. Unfortunately, it takes just a few rule-breakers can cause swaths of trampled grass that will make a perfectly maintained lawn look awful.

The benefits of artificial grass for residential and commercial spaces include:

  • Almost no maintenance needed
  • Durable and stands up to flattening in high-traffic areas
  • Environmentally friendly by cutting water usage
  • Stays lush and green all year-round and in all weather conditions
  • No need for potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides
  • Lower cost for care and/or save time


If you visit your local box store and grab some artificial turf, you will observe that it looks artificially shiny. This is because much of the synthetic grass out there today is uses fibers that are just shaped like natural grass in single, straight blades. Though this design keeps true to the shape of individual blades of grass, oftentimes (especially when cheaper materials are used), this design might be too reflective and result in a plastic-like shimmer.

Selecting an answer to this shortcoming by finding a product that handles light reflection is a great start to selecting the correct artificial grass product for your project. Our Bolt artificial turf product line solves this issue with blades shaped like lightning bolts that brilliantly reflect light in a way that mimics the luster of natural grass, avoiding that plasticky look entirely.

Color is another challenge that you may run into with lower cost artificial turf. Traditional grass isn’t ever just “green.” There are an array of colors and tones that make regular grass look so, well, real. Selecting a brand of artificial grass that can give you the specific colors to mimic the shade of green grass that grows in Metro New York is crucial when choosing what to buy.

The idea of choosing artificial grass is saving time and money and having the most beautiful lawn in Metro New York. It's important to be sure that the color of your lawn doesn't make it the odd one out. Finding a supplier that gives you options is very important, and Southwest Greens of Metro New York has many for you.


Bolt Capturing the Essence  

Out of all the collections we offer, we definitely recommend looking into our Bolt products if you want the most realistic looking lawn. Bolt’s lightning bolt-shaped angles reflect light giving you a lower luster and more authentic-looking lawn—while providing a long-lasting solution with much less maintenance.

Bolt Natural

Bolt Natural turf by Southwest Greens of Metro New York
Bolt Natural 42
301 - Olive

Bolt Natural uses a patented method of sewing three strands through one needle, giving you over thirty percent more ends visible and more color contrast. The lush, vibrant, heavy fibers give a natural look that is hard to come by anywhere else. Take a look at the Bolt  Natural turf options here.

Bolt Landscape

Bolt Landscape turf by Southwest Greens of Metro New York
301 - Fresh Green / Green-Green Thatch

Bolt technology simply means you have the best in looks and durability. Our performance-grade fibers are made with better spring-back and reduced sheen for natural-looking lawn turf. Even better, wear testing has demonstrated twice the resilience as a typical yarn—providing the most durable fibers on the market is a true revolution for the industry. Explore our Bolt Landscape turf options.


Though Bolt Landscape gives you more available colors, Bolt Natural has our patented triple-fiber design that gives a Bolt Natural lawn more variation in color and shade and a remarkably natural appearance that’s so hard to find in the synthetic grass market. So, no matter what kind of look you are seeking for your establishment, if you’re considering artificial turf, you can get the best match for your grass with Bolt.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.