Nicklaus Design Golf Greens

Southwest Greens proudly offers Nicklaus Design Golf Greens and Golden Bear Turf to New Jersey and Metro New York residents and commercial locations!

Nicklaus DesignsSouthwest Greens’ Nicklaus Design Golf Greens aspire to the greatness of their namesake, and have proven themselves in terms of look, feel and performance in a way that makes them the standard among artificial putting greens. Homeowners, resorts, condos, hotels, and golf facilities the world over have implemented our Nicklaus Greens, with more and more choosing to do so every day. In the process they’ve improved their game and the games of their guests on a green signed off on by the Golden Bear himself.

Nicklaus Designs Golf Putting GreenThe strategic relationship between Southwest Greens and Nicklaus Design continues to evolve. The establishment of an integrated design process allows all Southwest Green dealers participating in the Nicklaus Design Program access to the specifications of our Nicklaus green design, as well as the ability to incorporate them into the unique features of each installation site. Imagine a home Nicklaus design green laid out to the exact dimensions, slopes and contours of your backyard; and the ability to work on your short game on a green literally unlike any other.

The uniqueness of Southwest Green’s Nicklaus Design extends to the essence of each green courtesy of our exclusive Golden Bear synthetic turf. In developing this one-of-a-kind turf product, we sought to develop an artificial surface that paid tribute to the finest greens at your local country clubs in terms of putting conditions, acceptance of fairway golf shots, etc. Add in the uncanny look of real grass to top flight performance and you’ve got an artificial golf green that in many instances actually surpasses the look and feel of the real thing.

Two of golf’s great names have come together to bring you the finest artificial greens the market has to bear. Consult with your local Southwest Greens Dealer regarding the Nicklaus Design Program and your own design and installation.

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